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You have questions! Of course, you do. And we want you to get all the answers you need. Because questions depend on the particular reason for exploring our service, we have provided the links below for various categories.  Of course, you can certainly call us anytime at 651-303-1932.  We'd love to discuss our program with you!

Remember:  If you live in Minnesota, we will also donate to your favorite nonprofit when a sale is closed using our traditional or hourly consulting services.  Click here  or call 651-303-1932 for more information!

Please explore the section below that matches your specific situation. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to Contact us and we will be happy to supply additional information.  

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When can I submit an application to be included in this program?
We welcome your application at any time.
Will there be any agent recognition on this website once my application is approved?
There will be no specific advertising for individual agents or firms. Our process requires that the referrals be made through our program. As these referrals are dependent on the customer needs matching the agent expertise, we will not encourage agents to advertise and compete with one another on our site.
What will it cost me to become a member in your database?
Absolutely nothing! There is no charge for becoming a member. The benefits are created when we receive referrals that match your expertise.
When my application is approved, will I be the only agent in the database for my area?
Realtor designations, language proficiency and areas of expertise such as short sale or foreclosure education create unique markets for agents. Depending on the size of the geographical area and expertise noted on your application, we prefer to keep the number of members in each area small. We want this referral business to be beneficial to our members while at the same time we want excellent agents for our customers.
How long will it take for me to begin receiving referrals?
Ah, that's a difficult question at best. The referrals coming through have various customer/agent requirements. As this program grows, we sincerely hope that you will be more than satisfied with your affiliation with us.
What does the application require of me?
It's not very complicated, actually. There will be questions regarding your expertise, years in business, designations, type of business (buyer/seller/average transaction) and geographical area. In addition, you must certify that you have read and subscribe to the Realtor Code of Ethics. We require that you submit at least 3 recommendation letters from recent clients within the areas of expertise that you are subscribing to along with suitable documentation (Hud-1 / Warranty Deed / other) that the transactions were completed recently. There is also a requirement that your broker agree to a reciprocal 7-day right to cancel which will be included with the contract signed between your company and the customer/client.
Can I cancel my membership?
You may cancel at any time even though the service has no cost to you.
CUSTOMERS:  Click Here for explanation charts and Guaranteed Donation Amounts.
How does Responsible Referrals by Meridian Concepts, Inc. find my agent?
Responsible Referrals uses the information submitted by you to research top agents working within your geographical area focusing on the financial and housing characteristics provided. If we determine that the best agent for you is new to our organization, we will request agent references and do an in-depth interview before the referral is made.
How do I sign up for this service?
Please see the Get Started link in the header. You will complete an application and we will be in touch with you very shortly. Or, if you'd prefer, please feel free to call anytime.
How long does it take to find my agent?
It may be possible that we already have an agent in our database but if not, we will begin the search immediately. We suggest that you allow at least 7 days for us to gather the information and interview agents in order to serve you best.
What happens if I'm not happy with the referral agent?
Agents are required to insert a clause in their contract which will allow either party the option to cancel within the first 7 days. This gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss plans going forward. If you are uncomfortable with the agent, we will find another in order that you are completely satisfied.
How does this referral work if I'm BUYING a home?
Responsible Referrals uses the information submitted by you to research only agents who are willing to work in your best interest. This is typically referred to as a "Buyer Representative" or "Buyer Broker". This means that any information you share with your agent with respect to your financials, your motivations and your negotiating strategy will be kept confidential between you and your agent unless you give written notice to discuss such things with others. The representation contract will define this arrangement.
How does this referral work if I'm SELLING a home?
Responsible Referrals uses the information submitted by you to research agents who are willing to work as a "listing" agent. This means that the agent has had successful results when under contract to represent the sellers within your geographical area and price range. The agent will be working in your best interest and will be required to keep your financials, marketing strategy, motivations and negotiating strategy confidential unless you provide written notice to the contrary.
Can I use Responsible Referrals to arrange an agent for both buying and selling property?
Absolutely! It will be your choice as to whether you wish to use the same agent or obtain separate agents for each transaction side. The process remains the same and contact must be made with Responsible Referrals before discussing the arrangement with an agent.
How do I contact my agent?
Once we have researched agents and made a selection, the agent will sign a contract agreeing to our policies and referral fee. When this step is completed, you and the agent will receive copies of the contract along with reference letters and contact information.
How long will the contract last?
The negotiation of the term is between you and the policies of the real estate firm.
Does Responsible Referrals continue to work with us during our transaction?
We work as a referral agency and will leave the day to day operations in the capable hands of the referred agent.
What if I have serious issues during the process?
You are important! Your satisfaction is extremely critical to the success of this program. We are, of course, happy to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during this process.
How are referrals paid to Responsible Referrals?
We require a referral fee of 25% of the amount received by the Brokerage firm for your transaction. This referral fee is normal by today's standards.
How much will this cost me?
There is NO charge to you for this service.
How are the charitable organizations determined?
Another easy answer. YOU DO! Just one requirement. Your designated non profit organization must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
How much will the donation be if I use your services?
Please see our Guaranteed Donation Chart.
How do I participate in the Responsible Referrals Guaranteed Donation Program?
It's easy. Please complete the short application on the Get Started page,we will call you for an informal interview. You can also call us directly at 651-303-1932. We welcome your call!
What do I get if I participate in the Responsible Referrals Guaranteed Donation Program?
We'd be happy to add you to our "Favorite NonProfit Page" with your logo and a link to your website and Facebook Pages. We can also provide a link to your own personalized Responsible Referrals web page which makes it very easy to share our program with your supporters. Ask us for details!
How and when does my organization get paid?
Normally, our payment is received within 7-10 business days following the customer referral transaction closing date. We receive a statement which verifies the sales price and fees along with our referral payment. We immediately write a check to your organization for the Guaranteed Donation corresponding to the closed sales price.
Are there limits? Will this program expire?
Quite simply, NO. There are no limits and we intend for this program to continue for many years. We want your efforts promoting this program to be at a very minimum, rewarding - spectacularly beneficial would be a more accurate description of our goals! Please call with any questions or concerns. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
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