Ways You Can Help

*  Maybe tonight there will be one less person sleeping on a bench. 
*  Maybe this week, a researcher at some University will find a new way to combat a devastating disease. 
*  Maybe relief will be on the way to a family experiencing the effects of a natural disaster.
*  Maybe a high-functioning mentally incapacitated girl will find meaningful employment and the satisfaction that comes with responsibility and her own funds.
*  Maybe a soldier's daily struggle with battlefield traumas will fade somehow and that peace will be found. 

These are All worthy causes.  And help can be on the way because of YOU!

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  • Perhaps you or someone you know is thinking about buying or selling real estate.  Make Responsible Referrals the very first call.  We will find an excellent agent and 50% of the revenue we receive will be used to help Nonprofit organizations.  As the business grows, so will the donations.  This will really add up in dollars AND in changing lives.  To see how this works, CLICK HERE.


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  • Tell us about your favorite nonprofits!  We're all aware of some of the very big organizations out there but what about the small ones? We know there are thousands of small entities that are doing great things. They need every bit of help they can get. Tell them about us! Tell us about them!
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A Referral Service connecting you with great Real Estate Agents while donating 50% of its revenue to non-profits helping homeless youth and families.