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Traditional Realtors are working throughout the country.  And, you're familiar with how it works.  They list your home, advertise, conduct open houses, work with the potential buyers and/or buyer's agents to negotiate the transaction and then stay involved throughout the closing process.  When it's all said and done, a commission is paid to the realtor representing the seller negotiated through contracts.

Sometimes it takes months.  Sometimes only hours!  But, the commission does not change. 

Sometimes, you might have a friend or co-worker that ends up purchasing your home.  Again, the commission does not change.

But what if there was another way?

It's more or less, pay for what you need.  That's it.  Simple.  Transparent. 

Maybe this is something to consider.

The following is a 7 day campaign - but all of the questions and answers are here for you right now.

Question 1:  Do you have the time?

Question 2:  Your house is "dated".  Would that offend you?

Question 3:  Do you love Home Depot?

Question 4:  Do you feel like you're jumping off a cliff?

Question 5:  Do you think that fee for service means reduced customer service?

Question 6:  Do you appreciate Corporate Social Responsibility?

Question 7:  Do you like to save money?

One Click for all 7 questions.

You have questions.  Of course you do!  Let's talk. 
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